Social Work

1. Cherry Blossoms School, Kohima

Cherry Blossoms School was initiated at Kohima in 2007 by Mr. Adani and Mrs. Purnima Kayina. Since its inception, the inclusive education programme has supported children with disabilities. In an Inclusive environment, we help children with disabilities access primary and secondary schools that meet their needs. We also provide specialised physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and skills training to help children get good jobs or create their own businesses in future.

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2. Regional Action on Inclusive Education in North East (RAISE-NE)

RAISE-NE was launched as a five-year project in 2016 in the five states (Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, and Tripura of the North East region) to complement the program of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan on inclusive education to improve the quality of education for children with disabilities. The primary aim of the project is to ensure that the identified model schools make accessible to children with disabilities and that their evaluation should be flexible according to the progress of the child. The teachers are getting the best residential training on every disability field and updating the knowledge, thereby making them equipped to disseminate this learning in the future.

We are aspiring to be a role model for inclusive institutions, particularly in Nagaland and in India as a whole. RAISE's specific objective is improving the quality of education for children with disabilities in the neighborhood (government) elementary schools in selected districts of 5 states in the North East of India.

3. Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Through the community-based rehabilitation programs, we work closely with people with disabilities and their families to overcome physical and sociological barriers within their communities through a holistic approach to a person and their environment in the areas of health, education, livelihood, social inclusion, skill development, and empowerment. Currently, this program is active in Kohima (D Khel, T Khel, P Khel, L Khel), Chedema, and New Chedema villages. Home visits, daily checks on specified household/ locality by each worker is carried out religiously. It not only helps create more awareness, but overall it establishes social integration, equalization of opportunities, physical therapy rehabilitation programs for the disabled. CBR workers provide awareness, home-based education, and rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities.

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